Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Brain is in my Bum

It is funny, but the most powerful statement I have ever heard about Innovative learning spaces was from a year 8 boy at an intermediate school, who, when I asked why he was standing to do his maths, told me, “For reading, I like to sit, but when I do maths, it is like my brain is in my bum, and when I sit on my brain I cannot do my maths”.
students working at standing desks

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Remember the days of the old school yard — moving into a new school yard

This is a reflective post I wrote after taking my daughter into the new Innovative Learning Space she will learn in this year

Walking out of my son and daughter’s school on the first day of the school year, a great song by Cat Stevens popped into my head. The song was “Remember the days of the old school yard” — you know, the one about imaginings, and all kinds of things, and laughing a lot.

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